Fear not: This is not Bordeaux 2009 & 2010

Pricing in Bordeaux is often one of the most delicate of subjects. Especially now more than ever before, as prices continue to plummet, burning those that sought to invest in the ‘life-changing’ vintages of 2009 & 2010.

The Liv-Ex Fine Wine 50 Index showing the last 6 months

The prices will come around again, and those prepared to hold long enough will certainly see an upside. Prior to the unprecedented number of 100 point scores Parker gave out in the 2009 vintage, the best priced 100 pointer you could have picked up, in red Bordeaux, would have been Pavie 2000, which at the time the 2009 Bordeaux scores were released, was trading at around £4,000 per case of 12 bottles. It now trades slightly over this at £4,500, which isn’t too bad considering it has since also been promoted to the same status as Ausone and Cheval Blanc.

So, relatively speaking, that 100 point Second Growth at £2,000 looks pretty well priced. Or, it will do, at some point.

Until then though, what should we be looking at? We’ve been to Italy with Super-Tuscans, and we’ve pushed Burgundy prices through to the next level too. Champagne? Perhaps, but again, prices are on the up, and the wines don’t really satisfy a palate hell bent on some good old Cabernet.

It’s an old idea, nothing original about it. But, the secret is in identifying the specifics.

Older Bordeaux.

We all want to drink that 2009 Beausejour Duffau Lagarosse. It scores 100 points. The only other Beausejour with the same score and drinking now, the 1990, will cost you about £800 per bottle on the table. The 2009 around £320 per bottle.

But, do we really need a Parker 100 pointer? I know we’d like one, but is it necessary for our enjoyment of a bottle. Arguably, we’re still being fickle in seeking the label anyway – do we really need the perfect score too? Isn’t 9 out of 10 good enough? (One can convert 90 points to 9 out of 10 right?)

For the price of one bottle of the 2009, you could have an entire case of the 2004. The Beausejour Duffau 2004 still scores an impressive 90 points from Parker.

At £39 per bottle on the table for the 2004, compared to £320 per bottle for the younger, less approachable 2009 – is there any doubt as to which we should be snapping up as soon as possible, before everyone missing their Bordeaux fix cottons on?

Other such examples are listed below, and we advise you to fill your boots. And then buy more boots, and fill those too.

All prices below are inclusive of duty & VAT, and available in cases of 12 bottles.

Beausejour Duffau

2009 – £320/ bottle – 100 Points

2004 – £39/ bottle – 90 Points

Cos d’Estournel

2009 – £215/ bottle – 100 Points

2006 – £85/ bottle – 94 Points

Vieux Chateau Certan

2009 – £210/ bottle – 99 Points

2004 – £90/ bottle – 93+ Points


2009 – £250/ bottle – 100 Points

2001 – £72/ bottle – 90 Points

Haut Bailly

2009 – £100/ bottle – 98+ Points

2008 – £58/ bottle – 96 Points

If you’d like to secure any of the above, or discuss others, please do get in touch –  We can be reached on 020 8 339 9112, or info@dittonwinetraders.co.uk

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