5 tips for a successful en primeur campaign...

Every year, merchants and buyers alike get excited about the prospect of En Primeur, even in lesser vintages – for merchants, an opportunity to go and try the new wines that the Chateaux have spent the past year working hard on producing, chatting to the owners about the vintage; its difficulties and challenges, and then trying to gain an understanding of it all.

For buyers, it’s an opportunity to listen to what their merchants have to say about the wines, and hopefully pick up some well-priced wines that won’t be ready for two years at least. Sadly, this year, despite the early pressure for a sensible and quick campaign, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse on this rainy Monday afternoon in London – and as such, we felt compelled to put together a short list on how we might run a Bordeaux campaign…

2011 En Primeur UGC tasting

• Cheap releases are the way forward, otherwise buyers will quit En Primeur altogether. People traditionally buy En Primeur because it is cheaper than buying the wines that are already available. There would be no point in buying something that is not available for two years, (and even once available cannot be drunk for another 5 at least) unless it is significantly cheaper than those wines that are available already with similar reviews.

• Release early, and get ahead of the game – if better wines are releasing before you, it is too late. Merchants will not offer wines if they come out at the same time as better wines, with similar prices. There has been ample time available for the Petit Chateaux to release in the previous four weeks – doing it on the same day as Lynch Bages makes no sense!

• Don’t all come out at the same time!! How can merchants keep buyers interested with an offer every minute!? Spread them out…

• Do not undermine those trying to sell your wines. Merchants do not like being told that the pricing structure is okay (Cos), when it clearly isn’t. Although Bordeaux have been making wine for a long time, the merchants have been selling it just as long – if they claim a price isn’t right, it probably isn’t.

• Don’t build the future price into current releases. If the price moves up in the future, so be it – it does so because it has age and provenance – if you want to do this, follow Latour’s example and quit En Primeur. If you would like people to buy something that hasn’t been made yet, make it worth their while.

Undoubtedly there will be good value on some of the better wines during this campaign, which we’ve already seen from Pontet Canet amongst others, and we will be sure to point these wines out as and when they are available. In the meantime, we’re working on a fantastic offer for some back vintages that have managed to escape Bordeaux and where pricing remains sensible for the quality of the wines – to follow shortly…

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