robert parker 2009 in bottle scores

They were expected to be high, but the 2009 scores released on March 1 by Robert Parker have exceeded the highest expectations.

"Not a myth but mythical" is Parker's subtitle for his Bordeaux 2009 review. Indeed. He goes on to say "In short, 2009 is the greatest vintage I have tasted in Bordeaux since 1982". He backs this up by awarding no less than 18 Bordeaux reds, and 1 white, the perfect score of 100 points.

Robert Parker 2009 bottle scores

To put the number of 18 in perspective, have a look at below table, that lists the 100 pointers of the most successful vintages since 1982, 

Robert Parker's most successful vintages

1982 6
1996 1
2000 6
2003 3
2005 2
2009 18

2009 boasts an astonishing number of perfect scores. Is this Parker's farewell, to complete the cycle that he started in 1982 (the vintage that made him), never to be surpassed? Here's the full list, including the "barrel" score:

Parker's 2009 Bordeaux 100 pointers

wine bottle barrel
Beausejour Duffau Lagarosse 100 96-98
Bellevue Mondot 100 95-100
Clinet 100 97-100
Clos Fourtet 100 95-98
Cos d'Estournel 100 98-100
Ducru Beaucaillou 100 96-98
L'Evangile 100 96-100
Haut Brion 100 96-100
La Mission Haut Brion 100 98-100
La Mondotte 100 95-98
Latour 100 98-100
Le Pin 100 95-98
Leoville Poyferre 100 97-100
Montrose 100 96-100
Pavie 100 96-100
Petrus 100 96-100
Pontet Canet 100 97-100
Smith Haut Lafitte 100 96-98

From barrel, Parker awarded 21 wines a potential 100 points. Out of these 21, 12 indeed received full marks. The remaining 9 got at least 98. Interestingly, there were also 6 wines that got upgraded to the perfect score whilst the barrel score range did not reach 100 (see above).

Looking beyond the top scoring Chateaux, there are an incredible number of wines that score 95 points or more, many of which make unbelievable value for money. Do revisit our list – once we have had the time, we will be offering some of those gems that are a must buy to drink.

Bordeaux 2009 scoring 95 plus (reds only)

99 11
98 14
97 6
96 10
95 16

It goes too far, in this blogpost, to list all of the above wines. I would urge you though to get in touch with us – some of these 95-99 pointers represent the best buys.

Although there had been substantial price movements prior to Parker releasing his scores, it goes without saying that there were massive price hikes when the scores came out. Particularly for the 100 pointers, on which below table focusses. It needs to be pointed out though that the "after" prices might still change significantly, as the market has yet to find its new prices. The "prior" prices are as of the day before the new scores came out, the "after" prices are as of today (March 3rd). 

2009 movers and shakers

Wine prior after % change
Beausejour Duffau Lagarosse £1,000 £2,400 140%
Clos Fourtet £750 £1,800 140%
Smith Haut Lafitte £680 £1,600 135%
Clinet £1,500 £2,200 47%
Le Pin £18,000 £25,000 39%
Montrose £1,900 £2,550 34%
Leoville Poyferre £1,350 £1,800 33%
Pontet Canet £1,350 £1,800 33%
L'Evangile £2,300 £2,750 20%
La Mondotte £2,550 £3,000 18%
Petrus £25,000 £29,000 16%
Cos d'Estournel £2,800 £3,200 14%
Pavie £2,200 £2,500 14%
Ducru Beaucaillou £2,000 £2,200 10%
Haut Brion £7,400 £8,000 8%
Bellevue Mondotte £2,550 £2,750 8%
La Mission Haut Brion £5,600 £6,000 7%
Latour £11,700 £11,800 1%

Are these prices the right prices? Overshooting? Underperforming? Is the fine wine market efficient enough to quickly adjust to the new information, or is there scope for arbitrage? What is the right price level for a 100 pointer? Nobody knows, really. And that's why there's an enormous amount of trading going on. Taking position, selling on the hype, holding on, buying with a long term view – it's all part of the spiel. There will be a lot more analyses done to determine the new values, now that Bob has spoken. Do get in touch if you would like to hear our views. Views based on trading these wines daily – we know what's going on.

There are quite a few wine critics that publicly proclaim Parker has lost his marbles. However, none of them have the track record that Parker has and none of them have the influence that Parker has. Therefore, we can safely ignore what they say, when it comes to the effect on pricing. 

When it comes to drinking, you will have to choose which wine reviewer is most aligned with your personal taste. Bordeaux 2009 is a unique vintage, and has just been awarded stardom, so if you were planning on buying some, do so now before prices are out of reach. There are many, many wines that should be part of your cellar.

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