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Delamain Pléiade

The “Pléiade” is a cluster of some of Delamain’s most extraordinary cognacs; gems from across their cellars that have particular merit. Given their rarity, individuality and unblended nature, these are stars which naturally shine outside of their fixed product range.

Originating from a single harvest, or a single vineyard, and a single cask – thus unblended, but also slowly and patiently reduced, with no sweetener or added colouring, these cognacs are offered in their purest expression. Produced in limited series, Pléiade is composed of 3 collections, defined by age.

Millesime 1991

This vintage cognac defied and exceeded expectations from the outset of a remarkable journey. Escaping the wrath of a severe frost that destroyed more than two thirds of the 1991 harvest. 

This vintage 1991 was aged in a well-seasoned, 350L French oak cask from the Tronçais forest.

Dominique Touteau’s Tasting Notes

AROMAS: complex aromas of almond, soft leather and pepper, a
hint of mango and intensifying vanilla notes.
TASTE: cashew nuts, along with ripe pear and marzipan.
STYLE: elegant and assured.

Ambleville 1995

This vintage 1995 originates from the small hamlet of Ambleville, in the southern part of Cognac’s finest terroir, La Grande Champagne. Situated over a geological fault line, the vines of Ambleville benefit from optimal soil conditions.

For its first 20 years, this wax-sealed cask matured in a vintage cellar in Ambleville, where the damp conditions assisted with an optimal natural reduction. It was then moved to Delamain’s riverside vintage cellar in Jarnac.

Dominique Touteau’s Tasting Notes

AROMAS: a hint of pepper, spices and buttery chocolate aromas. 
TASTE: coffee and spices, leather, aniseed and stewed cherries. 
STYLE: fantastically rounded and full.


This very old and rare unblended cognac comes from a single cask and represents the epitome of what can be achieved with the finest eau-de-vie. This cognac has been considered so exceptional and so perfect that it has been bottled at cask strength, without any blending or reduction.

This cognac has been aged to its apogee in a seasoned 350L oak cask made with French oak from the Tronçais forest.

Dominique Touteau’s Tasting Notes

AROMAS: soft leather with spices.
TASTE: complex, intense and elegant with flavours of cedar wood, walnuts and orange zest. 

Bouteville – Millesime 1988

This cognac originates from a magnificent parcel in the hilltop hamlet of Bouteville, whose historic fortress has guarded the region for a millennia and now keeps watch over some of its very finest Grande Champagne vines.

The well-seasoned cask used for ageing this cognac is made from French oak from the Tronçais forest and hold up toto 350L.

Dominique Touteau’s Tasting Notes

AROMAS: apricot, litchi, toasted almonds, a hint of leather and vanilla. 
TASTE: initial notes of apricot give way to toasted almonds and rancio. A complex, elegant and delicate Cognac.

Early Landed 1999

This vintage 1999 Early Landed is a an extremely unusual cognac. The years it has spent in British cellars have given it a unique flavour profile, but it remains very much a cognac in the style of Delamain. 

This cognac has been aged in a small 270L cask, typical of those used for Early Landed cognacs. The cask was specially constructed with the staves from an old seasoned 350L cask.

Dominique Touteau’s Tasting Notes

AROMAS: elegant aromas of peach and litchi, combined with fresh citrus notes and just a hint of almond and cacao. 
TASTE: meltingly long and lingering, with ripe fig and the slightest touch of cedarwood.


This very old cognac comes from a vineyard perched on a hill overlooking the ancient hamlet of Bonneuil. The hamlet traces its origins back almost 3 millennia and as its name suggests, sits in a valley in the heart of the Grande Champagne region, cognac’s finest terroir.

The well-seasoned cask used for ageing this cognac is made from French oak and holds up to 350L.

Dominique Touteau’s Tasting Notes

AROMAS: vine flowers, peach, apricot preserve. 
TASTE: evolves and develops into spicy ginger and peppery notes.