Why should you order Bordeaux En Primeur?

En Primeur

Buying en-primeur provides the opportunity to access rare and limited wines that may not be available once they are released onto the market. This is because some of the best and most sought-after wines are often snapped up by collectors and investors as soon as they are released by the chateaux.

En primeur purchases can also be viewed as an investment. If you purchase en primeur and the wines become highly sought-after and increases in value over time, you can sell it back onto the trade. By storing at a bonded warehouse your bottles will stay unopened in the optimum storage conditions making the value higher and easier to sell.

In some instances, the impact of a wine’s age on price outweighs that of the score received by critics. This could be due to buyers wanting a particular brand and are willing to pay a premium based on the age of the wine.

Purchasing en primeur means you are buying directly from the chateaux guaranteeing provenance for your stocks, whilst the price you pay is the ‘release price’ for the vintage. Once the wine is bottled and released onto the market it may be harder to buy.

Bottle Sizes

By purchasing directly, you also have the opportunity to select from a range of bottle sizes, including half bottles or larger formats. Magnum bottles are the optimum size for maturing wine.

  • Half Bottles – £25.00 per case of 24 x 37.5 cl bottles | £15.00 per case of 12 x 37.5 cl bottles
  • Bottles – £5.00 per case of 3 x 75 cl bottles
  • Magnums – £15.00 per case of 6 x 150 cl bottles | £10.00 per case of 3 x 150 cl bottles
  • Double Magnums – £45.00 per 300 cl double magnum
  • Imperials – £55.00 per 600 cl Imperial
  • Salmanazar – £180.00 per 900 cl Salmanazar
  • Nebuchadnezzar – £200.00 per 1500 cl Nebuchadnezzar
  • Melchior – £300.00 per 1800 cl Melchior


  • Multi-Format – £75.00 per multi-format case of 4 x 75 cl bottles, 2 x 150 cl magnums and 1 x 300 cl double magnum

If the chateau decides to change the prices, we will modify the cost accordingly.