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Native to only five production regions from Mexico the Blue Agave, Agave tequilana Weber Blue or Agave Azul plant is the source of the tequila spirit. Famous the world over, this unique spirit is steeped in history, tradition and age old production methods that are used to instill tequila with rich complex flavours.

Tequila also offers the drinker different maturation levels, which impart colours and develop the complexity of the tequila's flavour profile. Tequilas range from clear, unaged spirits (blanco) to light gold resposados and vibrant gold añejo tequilas to name a few.

As part of Ditton's collection our team have sourced a variety of popular tequilas, like Don Julio 1942® .This amazing spirit is handmade in small batches and aged for a minimum of two and a half years and is product made in honour of Don Julio González - the founding father of Don Julio tequilas.

Ditton Wine & Spirits stocks some of of the worlds most iconic Tequila brands. Why not explore our collection today.