Customer Service


This website accepts Visa and Mastercard debit, credit card payments and Google/Apple pay. You can also pay by bank transfer.

Payment can be made in GBP, EUR or USD

If your order is such that automated check out is not supported, we usually are still able to help. This can happen because:
–  your order is bigger than our maximum check out amount of £10,000
–  your order exceeds the maximum weight or is to be shipped to a country that the automated check out doesn’t support

A very significant part of our business is concluded off site. So we’d like to encourage you to get in touch if your requirements are not met through this website


Most of our products can be purchased either excluding or including Duty + VAT. Each product will display 2 prices depending on whether they are in bond or Duty paid.

Products without Duty & VAT

Price excluding Duty & VAT (in bond) – This price excludes UK duty and VAT and is available to customers storing in a UK bonded warehouse or where goods are sold for export outside of the UK.

Price including Duty & VAT – This price includes UK duty and VAT which are chargeable on all orders for UK domestic delivery.

Products with Duty already paid

Price excluding VAT (Duty Paid) – Price available for export outside of the UK only.

Price including VAT – list price is inclusive of VAT for UK domestic delivery.