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Characterized by (very) steep slopes covered in vineyards, wrapping around the rivers Mosel, Saar and Ruwer, this wine region is Germany's third largest in terms of wine production but some consider it the leading region in terms of international prestige. Most famous for its wines made from the Riesling grape, some other varietals (Elbling and Müller-Thurgau) contribute to the region's wines.

The Riesling wines from Mosel are described as light, with a lower alcohol content, but rich in crisp acidity and "flowery" aromas. The soil in these vineyards gives these wines a a transparent, mineralic aspect, that often impart great depth of flavour.

We love German Riesling, particularly those made by JJ Prum, Egon Muller, Willi Schaefer and Markus Molitor.

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