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Are you thinking of selling wine or whisky collections?

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We are always interested in buying high quality, professionally stored Wine, Champagne & Whisky aiming to make process simple, quick and hassle-fee.

You don’t need to store with us in order to sell wine or whisky to us. Many collectors have sold their stock to us, often on the recommendation by industry professionals. 

How to sell your wine

You tell us what you wish to sell

You get a fair quote

We inspect and you get paid

Outright purchase

  • Let us know what you wish to sell. Name of the wine/whisky, vintage, packaging, tax status, and if possible, details on provenance.
  • We will respond immediately with a fair price for immediate payment that is hard to match. If you accept our price, we then ask for proof of ownership.
  • We can arrange collection from most cellars in the UK and Europe. We’ll liaise with transporters and warehouses to make the whole process simple and easy. Or you can ask your warehouse to deliver, whatever is easier.
  • On arrival in our warehouse, we’ll arrange for inspection and take photographs. At this stage, you, of course, still hold title to your stock.
  • We confirm the purchase, and you are paid immediately after the stock is transferred.

NEW: Listing your stocks with us

We can now offer to broker your stocks on your behalf in an easy and hassle-free way.

  • You let us know what wine and/or whisky you are thinking of selling through Ditton
  • We quote you the prices at which we would list them. In order to maximise the chances of a potential sale and avoid wasting time, we list at competitive prices against market.
  • On a successful sale, you would receive those prices minus our commission of 8% (unless we agree a different %)
  •  We agree that Ditton can work with your stock on an exclusive basis and you send the products to our warehouse (if they are not stored with us already)
  • On receipt we will check the condition of your stocks and we will then list them on our website.
  •  Using our extensive client network & sales channels we will also actively offer your stocks to our clientele.
  •  If your stocks are sold, we will send you a purchase order & promptly transfer payment to your bank account