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Bordeaux En Primeur 2023: Make or Break?

Irish Whiskey

Production of Whiskey (spelt with an ‘e’) in Ireland goes back many centuries to the start of the 1400s, referred to in Gaelic as ‘uisce beatha’ translated as ‘the water of life’. It’s made across the island of Ireland, North and South with Bushmills in the North laying claim to being the oldest licenced distillery in the world (1608).

malt whiskey from Ireland is ordinarily triple distilled where Scottish whisky is mostly double distilled with the extra distillation giving what some describe as a smoother, rounder flavour.

Debate is still ongoing between the Scottish and Irish as to which country first produced whisk(e)y. We, at Ditton cannot comment either way except to recommend sampling the product of both nations and allowing your thoughts to wander .

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