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Bordeaux En Primeur 2021: the “victory vintage”

Reports leading up to the release of the 2021 vintage were mixed. Damaged crops from unfavourable weather conditions resulted in low yields and forced vignerons to work tirelessly to produce what has been regarded as a remarkable vintage. 

Unlike the most recent vintages of 2018, 2019 and 2020 in which Bordeaux had produced excellent wines with big tannins, and long ageing abilities, the 2021 Bordeaux growing season left many of the wine world uncertain and in anticipation. 

We are reminded of, and grateful for, the enormous technological advancements in wine-making which allow winemakers, who are able to invest,  to vinify plot by plot, grape by grape which made all the difference in this 2021 vintage.

En Primeur 2021 Wine

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